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Frequently Asked Questions about Litentry and the Litentry Crowdloan.

  • Can I contribute to the Litentry crowdloan before the auction starts?

  • When is the auction start and finish?

  • How can I contribute my DOT?

  • Where is my DOT held during a crowdloan?

  • If I change my mind, can I withdraw and get my DOT back before Litentry win a slot?

  • What happens if Litentry does not get a slot in the auction?

  • How long is a parachain slot lease?

  • What happens when your parachain slot lease ends?

  • Will there be another Litentry crowdloan when this slot expires?

  • What is Litentry?

  • Who are Litentry?

  • What is LIT token and what is it for?

  • Where can I buy your token LIT?

  • Is LIT an ERC-20 token?

  • What is Polkadot?

  • How much is a LIT coin worth?